JBLab (Cheil Vascular Research Institute)
enhance the health and quality of life of patients with cardiovascular diseases
through valuable studies and education


The publications listed within this section represent a sampling of scientific papers, abstracts and presentations that JBLab
Faculty have authored and that are the direct result of clinical research conducted at JBLab.

  • Kim YK, Lee HY, Cho EJ, Rim SJ, Park JB, Han KR, Hyon MS, Kim CH, Jun JE, Hong SP, Choi YJ, Ahn KJ, Choi SY, Kim DW, Kim SH. Metabolic syndrome and target organ damage in untreated and treated hypertensive patients: Korean Multicenter Registry. Korean Hypertension J 2009;15(3):18-27
  • Sung KC, Kim BJ, Kim BS, Lee WY, Park JB, Wilson AM. Comparison of the Prevalence of the Metabolic Syndrome and its Complications Using Three Proposed Definitions in Korean Subjects. Am J Cardiol. 2009 Jun 15;103(12):1732-5
  • Lee SH, Yang MS, Hong YH, Kim DY, Won HS, Yang MS, Kim TS, Seo YY, Park JB*. Role of B-type natriuretic peptide in the recurrence of atrial fibrillation after electrical cardioversion. Korean J Med. 2009;76(3):311-320.
  • Park JB*. Emerging drug in hypertension treatment. Korean Hypertension J 2008;14(4):1-6 (review)
  • Park YM, Park JB*. Changes of metabolic parameters according to aging in p47phox-deficient mice. Korean Hypertension J 2008;14(3):21-27
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